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Altitude App Main Screen



This project was created as part of my UXDI course. The client was a start-up airline looking to create a mobile app that provides a fast, easy and intuitive experience. One that’s based on a deep understanding of their target users.


Create a mobile app, specifically focusing on the flight booking process; how users search and select flights online.



Survey, Competitive Benchmarking, User Testing, User Interviews


Research Objectives

• Find out how people prefer to access airline prices
• Find out paint paints and negative experiences with existing apps
• Find out the improvements people want to see in travel apps


52 people took part in the survey, hosted on Google Docs. Friends and people from different Facebook groups were invited to take part.

UX Survey using Google Forms

User Testing Sessions

User testing sessions were carried out looking at existing flight and travel apps. At the beginning of the sessions an interview was also carried out. I then played back the recordings of the sessions, documenting highlights from the interview and making detailed notes as each user undertook the set tasks.

Carrying out a UX user testing session


Affinity Diagram


  • Review previously completed research
  • Consolidate previous research from online survey, note taking and user testing sessions.
  • Organize qualitative data in a structured way.

Stage 1 - Research was reviewed and each observation was recorded on a sticky note.

Research was reviewed and each observation was recorded on a sticky note.

Stage 2 - Sticky notes were then organized into relevant groups

Stage 3 - Names were found for each of the groups and these were then placed into chronological order.

Naming each group of sticky notes as part of affinity diagram process
Placing the groups in chronological order

Stage 4 - The final completed affinity diagram.

Customer Journey Map


Flow diagram

Interaction Design


High Fidelity Prototype

Adobe XD Link

LInk to Adobe XD Prototype


Altitude App Main Screen
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